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SATURDAY, Mar 28, 2020 04:10am
From: Mw - Garden City
Prayer Request: My husband is in financial difficulties and got into debts. Praying for a financial breakthrough. Protect us from harrasment of loansharks. Restore peace in the household. Amen!

FRIDAY, Mar 27, 2020 10:50pm
From: Friend - hbc
Prayer Request: Prayers needed for my young friend's dad who is battling against death with cancer in its final stage. Please pray this would be kept from increasing and taking over his body! Pray for God's mercy and divine intervention in this situation. This young man has been through so much. From my knowledge his family is unsaved. May God show his kindness to this family. I'm praying for a miraculous healing. Stand with me please. Thank you.

FRIDAY, Mar 27, 2020 01:30am
From: Prameela - India
Prayer Request: Iam preapring IAS examination please pray for me and also pray for my IAS free coaching entry exam.

THURSDAY, Mar 26, 2020 07:26pm
From: stacey - usa
Prayer Request: Having trouble in a certain way. Need prayer.

THURSDAY, Mar 26, 2020 07:12pm
From: Golden - Glove
Prayer Request: Please pray for my friend who's on trial today. He's receiving his final verdict regarding a minor mistake which the prosecutors have created a big stench over. He didn't harm anyone yet he's in danger of going to prison. He's already going through a terribly difficult time in his life... I'm truly concerned for my friend that this will destroy him further. Things aren't looking very good. The law officers are basically all corrupt and only on the side of the strong. But we have all mighty God on our side. Many non-Christians and doubters are watching this situation and know that I'm praying. Pray with me for God's mercy and intervention in this messy situation please! Thank you.

WEDNESDAY, Mar 25, 2020 07:49pm
From: Robert - Pennsylvania
Prayer Request: Please pray for God to protect me from all evil harm and suffering. Ask for me to be totally wholehealed and blessed in my spirit soul and body. Pray for Him to give me dreams visions and gifts of the spirit. God bless everyone reading this :) .

TUESDAY, Mar 24, 2020 04:43pm
From: Louie - USA
Prayer Request: (prayers wsrriors) asap eutgent prayer father-God helps and provide your wisdom and gudance to president trump that's beyond understanding in mdst of corona virus crsis. Doing his job to the best he can even gather- God when leftlist. Democtatic party wont support emergency aid pack bill that can helps corona virrse crisis the american people and the economy's let them. Pay the consequences for their actions father-God helps and empower presdent trump doing his job thats beyond human understanding that you father-God that you father-God are the driving force as he does his job as president of america. Even when everybody. From the left are attacking him father-God sent them repercussion for their evil zaction that they fall on their own swords of evil?? Father-God's helps and empower president trump walk all over the leflist democratic and democratic drive by media and all those fake newd outlet to victory that you father-God are praise and glorify that the gate's of hell do not previal?? Against president trump!!! Father-God more power to presidenttrump in victory!! In Jesus name amen.

TUESDAY, Mar 24, 2020 03:28pm
From: tony - easton
Prayer Request: Please pray for God to anoint me with glory power and love and to pour His Presence into me. Pray for my total life victory :) .

TUESDAY, Mar 24, 2020 06:16am
From: susie - tn
Prayer Request: I need prayer for protection & safety for today and tonight. We have some very severe storms & heavy rain moving our way this morning & tonight. I ask for God's protection for myself & my home during this time please? I am elderly no one to help me.

MONDAY, Mar 23, 2020 02:55pm
From: Louie - USA
Prayer Request: Father-God pelosI and democratics stab america in the back don't support emergency aid bill package? Father--God let the leftlist democratic party pay the consequences for opposing and not supportig emergence aid package??? Package. Father-God let the leftlist democratic. Party pay the consequences for opposing and not supporting the emergency aid package bill???? That would have helps the american people and the economy?? Wrecking coming for leftlist democratic party at the 2020 elections and presidential elections. In Jesus name amen in Jesus name amen.

MONDAY, Mar 23, 2020 01:03pm
From: Halophic - Phoenix
Prayer Request: Prayers for application of Sharpness Cognizance and Intimate Understanding with the arts I am enrolled in as a curator and worker. Whether I speak a language write a story or illustrate a piece let it be done all for God more to be lifelike in its creation.

MONDAY, Mar 23, 2020 12:17pm
From: Theresa - Iowa
Prayer Request: Hello Please pray for my mom Alice she is 81 years old and has health issues. Last night she got taken to the hospital they think she had a stroke. Please say a prayer for her for her recovery thank you! God Bless! :) .

SUNDAY, Mar 22, 2020 08:12pm
From: Robert - Pennsylvania
Prayer Request: Please pray for God to heal my body and make it perfectly functional and healthy looking. God bless...

SUNDAY, Mar 22, 2020 05:42pm
From: Louie - USA
Prayer Request: Asap urgent prayer father--God helps and guide with your wisom president trump managing the corona virus crisis in midst criticism coming from leftlist democratic party democratic drive by media the mob all those fake news mrdia outlets father- God helps and empower president trump to triumph over over come cornia vitus crisis where president trump and the american people win its a win winstuitation with victory and you are praise and glorify father-God. In Jesus name amen thank you father--God.

SUNDAY, Mar 22, 2020 02:15am
From: Msw - Garden City
Prayer Request: Bind all spirits of deceits disharmony gossips and lies in this workplace. Put in each person the fruits of the spirit.

SATURDAY, Mar 21, 2020 04:15pm
From: Derrick - Houston
Prayer Request: For answered prayers to be delivered soon.

SATURDAY, Mar 21, 2020 12:21pm
From: Jo - USA
Prayer Request: Please pray for hope and vision for JC and RP. Both in a wilderness period please pray that they put emotions in check and set the objective truth in the forefront. Thankful for the Lord is Always Faithful -Luke 22:32.

SATURDAY, Mar 21, 2020 06:53am
From: Robert - Pennsylvania
Prayer Request: Please pray for God to restore my spirit soul and body with full healing as well as to pour love and power with all the fruits of love equally made manifest by Him through me. Pray for Him to find me proper housing too please. God bless you!

FRIDAY, Mar 20, 2020 08:51pm
From: Sheryl - Michigan
Prayer Request: Please pray for Candy a woman who's been in quarantine for a week with her husband and is getting sicker as each day passes. Thank you!

FRIDAY, Mar 20, 2020 02:51pm
From: Barbara - USA TN
Prayer Request: Please pray for Scott he has been waiting for a disability check for over 3 months and needs money to manage on. His vehicle that has 400000 miles on it has broken down and he hasn't been able to get it fixed. Please pray for a miracle of the money and also that somehow he will be able to get his vehicle fixed or somehow get another one. Thank you for your prayers.

FRIDAY, Mar 20, 2020 02:50pm
From: Heather - Kansas
Prayer Request: I live in Kansas (USA) . Please pray for our country and world. Please pray for a cure for the Coronavirus. Please pray for my job. I am afraid I may lose my job. Please pray for healing for all who are sick. Thank you.

FRIDAY, Mar 20, 2020 10:09am
From: Louie - USA
Prayer Request: Asap urgent prayer father-God helps empower the american voter support? President trump?? Democrats have the powerful anti-gun lobby and the fake news on their side in this fight over our constitutional rights. Helps us father-God support president trump?? That's why president trump needs our support. That many sign the petition of support?? In Jesus name amen!!!

FRIDAY, Mar 20, 2020 04:52am
From: emm - USA
Prayer Request: Father please help a dear woman KL whose husband passed recently she takes care of elderly parent and works fulltime. There are very difficult issues to sort thru at work please Lord help her. Please pray she drawn near You and experience Your Presence she has so many needs Lord the most important is You (John 6:44Psalm147:3) . Asking for Your protection in this time over her parents and loved ones and You deliver her in Jesus Name Amen.

THURSDAY, Mar 19, 2020 05:49pm
From: Sj - nz
Prayer Request: We live in areas that are greatly (or possibly) affected by Corona right now. I'm very concerned for those I care about. Please pray for me and my friends and all our loved ones that God would keep us safe and get us through this! Thank you.

THURSDAY, Mar 19, 2020 05:47pm
From: Sj - nz
Prayer Request: Please pray for my dad who's doing a very difficult and possibly dangerous work right now! I'm concerned due to the weather. Pray he'll be safe thank you.

THURSDAY, Mar 19, 2020 03:13pm
From: stacey - usa
Prayer Request: Tat I get this job.

THURSDAY, Mar 19, 2020 08:33am
From: Gail - Dickson City, Pa.
Prayer Request: Prayer Debbie R will be having radiation treatments in 6 months to shrinkremove remaining parts of brain tumor that surgeons could not remove. Continued prayers. God Bless.

THURSDAY, Mar 19, 2020 08:29am
From: gail - pa.
Prayer Request: . Prayers needed for debbie had major 17 hour brain surgerytumor. Surgeons removed most of it- unable remove all as would leave her many major not good issues. Surgery was at jeffersonphil. Now at allied wilksbarre- p. T. Hoping discharge this coming tuesday. Going to her daughters home for recoverywill need round clock nurses- occupational therapist- p. T. Etc. She is a fighterdoing well for all been through. Same week had surgery repair esophagus from where trach in throat and then had a feeding tube inserted.!

THURSDAY, Mar 19, 2020 06:50am
From: Derrick - Houston
Prayer Request: For answered prayers to be delivered soon.

WEDNESDAY, Mar 18, 2020 07:59pm
From: Sj - nz
Prayer Request: Please pray for my friends who are on trial again today! It's their second time after making an appeal. Things are looking very BAD for them at this time and I'm terribly frightened for them. They've been charged with a huge crime they did NOT commit and also facing smaller multiples crimes they did commit. They've turned over a new leaf since encountering Jesus in their lives. PLEASE pray for God's mercy and help in this situation. They're helpless and in great despair. We're counting on your prayers!! Nothing short of a miracle can save their lives. Thank you.

WEDNESDAY, Mar 18, 2020 07:23pm
From: Louie - USA
Prayer Request: . Father-God if dana bash is fired fromm cnn that fox and friends hires her?? She praise president trump doing a good job which he needs most from all american's?? In Jesus name amen.

WEDNESDAY, Mar 18, 2020 07:00pm
From: Vanessa - Virginia
Prayer Request: My dear friend Reatha has a fever and had to leave work yesterday. She is home and feeling better today. Please lift her up in prayer that Jesus will place healing hands on her body and cast out any foreign matter causing her sickness.

WEDNESDAY, Mar 18, 2020 04:16pm
From: Morine - Canal winchester
Prayer Request: Please pray in agreement. I am seeking employment as job developer where I can use my skills talents to help people with developmental disabilities find employment. I went on interview and am praying that I get this job or the right one. Also praying for my marriage and that my husband will revive Christ as his savior and want to love a Godly life. Mirine.

TUESDAY, Mar 17, 2020 09:45pm
From: B - FL
Prayer Request: Prayer for absolute wonderful health healing and God's divine energy for Be and Melva. Thank you God. And so it is. Amen!!!!

TUESDAY, Mar 17, 2020 04:32pm
From: corry - Butler
Prayer Request: Please pray for my son to submit to authority.

MONDAY, Mar 16, 2020 08:59pm
From: Robert - Pennsylvania
Prayer Request: Pray for God to fill me with the anointing and every good thing. Ask Him to heal me and protect me from evil. God bless!

MONDAY, Mar 16, 2020 06:50pm
From: mica - norristown
Prayer Request: Please pray that I am awarded disability benefits without going to court. That the people who determine my case are Godly people and they take into consideration all of my medical records along with my physical and mental health problems prior to and after my sons death. Please Lord Let them all agree and award me the disability benefits. Please pray for an increase in our incomes. Amen.

MONDAY, Mar 16, 2020 02:22pm
From: Jc - India
Prayer Request: Our Son AC in New Zealand has high fever and cough. Kindly agree with us that he would be totally healed by His Divine grace and mercy (Mt 1819) . Amen and Alleluia !

MONDAY, Mar 16, 2020 11:12am
From: REV. - RENO
Prayer Request: Prayer: ms arlene calumpag c. She is about to receive a bequests of 20. 5 million usd to be distributed to those less fortunate than herself. That her org. Won't waste it on buying love until its all gone. I apologize if this sounds greedy but for the cashiers check for the 1000. 00 usd for my simple cremation services here in reno nevada usa. Which ms. Arlene has stated that she would send when she receives the final wishes bequest. May almighty God bless you for your prayers. (FROM THE ADMINISTRATOR: What you describe is a fake internet scheme that has been repeated many times on many victims, do not send money to anyone!!)

MONDAY, Mar 16, 2020 09:42am
Prayer Request: For answered prayers to be delivered soon.

SUNDAY, Mar 15, 2020 07:04pm
Prayer Request: Please pray that I am awarded disability benefits without going to court. That the people who determine my case are Godly people and they take into consideration all of my medical records along with my physical and mental health problems prior to and after my sons death. Please Lord Let them all agree and award me the disability benefits. Please pray for an increase in our incomes. Amen.

SATURDAY, Mar 14, 2020 02:38pm
Prayer Request: Please pray my son submits to authority.

SATURDAY, Mar 14, 2020 02:38am
Prayer Request: Please pray for the protection of our church (POTS Almanza Church) from any sickness and virus. Protection over our families. Protection over Philippines from Covid19. In Jesus Name!

FRIDAY, Mar 13, 2020 10:08pm
Prayer Request: Dear prayer warrior please pray for my broken relationship. I'm suffering and in pain. Pray for Raju that God will give him strength and courage and make him understand how much I love him and need him in my life. Thank you!

FRIDAY, Mar 13, 2020 04:35pm
From: SKYLA - WH
Prayer Request: My family needs your prayers esp. My parents who are suffering various physical issues including dental. It's like a trap they find hard to escape from. Asking for God's help in this situation!

FRIDAY, Mar 13, 2020 04:34pm
From: SKYLA - WH
Prayer Request: Pray for my health please! I'm in great need of God's intervention strength and guidance. Pray that fear won't take over. I need deliverance thank you.

FRIDAY, Mar 13, 2020 04:33pm
From: CRIS - NZ
Prayer Request: Please pray for a relative who's just been fired from his job! They're barely making ends meet at this time and this sudden shocking event leaves them completely helpless and in despair. His wife is sick and this puts a further strain on them financially and emotionally. They've been in the ministry to serve God for years. Pray for God's kind intervention and mercy in this situation. Please!!! I think they're very much afraid. Thank you.

FRIDAY, Mar 13, 2020 03:03am
Prayer Request: Lord my facebook got attempts to access by strangers login code was sent to my mobile phone. I don't have snapchat but snapchat login code got sent to my mobile phone. I pray for my accounts online transactions data emails social media accounts and devices to be safe from hackers fraudsters scammers criminals and all evil. I seldom use social media but there are people trying to hack my social media. I posted nothing but still many illegal attempts to access them. I pray for all my mom's datas devices emails accounts and transactions to be forever 247 safe and 100 protected from all illegal activities or accesses. I'm not tech savvy more of a hermit. I'm scared. Jesus please protect me and my mom. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray amen.

THURSDAY, Mar 12, 2020 09:07pm
From: CS - NZ
Prayer Request: Please pray for my sister who's been an enormous lot this past few years from losing a brother-like friend to suicide to further losing a couple of close girl friends (by the same) last year. Recently her dad passed away on her birthday. She is terrible grief-stricken and no doubt in despair. She was just recovering from deep depression as well. Pray for God's healing and light in her life please. May she & her loved ones be given the strength they need to overcome this loss as well as experience God's Love and peace despite it all... Or because of it all. Thank you!

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