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SUNDAY, Sep 27, 2020 06:34am
From: Anthony - Pennsylvania
Prayer Request: Please pray for God to pour His Spirit faith hope love joy peace beauty and comfort plus all else He desires into PatI P. Pray for her protection from demon spirits evil and all attacks. Ask Him to bless her with wisdom knowledge discernment understanding revelation and insight. For Him to do His will for her and fulfill His promises in every area of her life. God bless everyone!!!

SATURDAY, Sep 26, 2020 07:38pm
From: Yanping - South Korea
Prayer Request: For with God nothing shall be impossible. Luke 1:37 kjv father God you say ask in Jesus's name and I'll receive. I pray for all obstacles and red tapes thats blocking my path to my wedding be removedresolved asap. I pray desperately for 100000 of scalp hair and flawless fair skin urgently. I will not curse myself by saying in details. I pray for endless miracles and blessings. Luke 11:9-10 kjv.

SATURDAY, Sep 26, 2020 11:04am
From: Elaine - RI
Prayer Request: Please help me do well in my exam amen.

SATURDAY, Sep 26, 2020 12:26am
From: Analuv - West Indies
Prayer Request: Remove the strange woman permanently from my marital relationship. Divine intervention.

FRIDAY, Sep 25, 2020 01:26pm
From: Tony - Pennsylvania
Prayer Request: Please pray for God to pour out every kind of spiritual blessing and soul blessing into me. I want all He has for me that isn't material though I need prayer for finances health healing etc as well but my primary focus is on the spiritual things of God. I need more of God and I won't settle until there is nothing in me but what is of Him.

FRIDAY, Sep 25, 2020 12:58pm
From: susie - tn
Prayer Request: I have a problem ONLY GOD can fix please pray it will be done.

FRIDAY, Sep 25, 2020 12:19pm
From: Daniel - SPRING HILL
Prayer Request: Prayers for Pastor Dan and his family. Wonderful man of God. He only has a few days left.

FRIDAY, Sep 25, 2020 09:44am
From: Jessica - Wilmore Ky
Prayer Request: Please pray against the demonic attacks against my life and family. First my boyfriend Travis and mom Shelly have had a falling out and their needs to be divine intervention and reconciliation between them. I know they love each other but they are both very stubborn and need God to grant them maturity in the Spirit. Second I pray for my sisters wedding to go smoothly this October. Third I pray for divine protection over my life as I am a target of witchcraft. Please pray that the enemies schemes would fail. Grateful for victory in the Lord. Amen!

THURSDAY, Sep 24, 2020 08:01pm
From: Crystal - Auckland
Prayer Request: PLEASE pray for my grandpa right away!! He can't breathe and is barely able to talk. He was just fine until yesterday and it's suddenly happened this morning. It's very bad timing on top for my family so it's an even more terrible situation. We've all been through this nightmare before. We have our own health problems and such to deal with as it is. Please pray for God's intervention for healing strength for us all and esp. RELIEF for my grandpa!

THURSDAY, Sep 24, 2020 04:45pm
From: Sherry - Milwaukie
Prayer Request: Please pray for my husband's cousin Amanda and her family. Her husband Jeff is suffering from kidney infection and is on antibiotics and now is being rushed to hospital because he is also showing signs of blood infection that can potentially be fatal. They have 4 daughters and all but one has some kind of physical problem right now. Thank you for your prayer support.

THURSDAY, Sep 24, 2020 12:13am
Prayer Request: Please pray for the family of Breonna Taylor and for justice to prevail.

WEDNESDAY, Sep 23, 2020 12:48pm
Prayer Request: Need prayer for my sister who is battling mental illness and addiction. When she is good she is the best but when she is bad it is really bad. She think she had control because it isn't everyday but she doesn't. My mom is getting to old to deal with stuff like this and I have a family with small children. Please pray for us and especially for my sister. She is bright and beautiful and loving but it is not her when it gets bad and right now it is bad.

TUESDAY, Sep 22, 2020 02:08pm
Prayer Request: Desperately requesting prayers for healing for my son who was diagnosed with esophageal and spinal cancer in May. In addition am requesting prayer for his salvation. Thank you and God Bless you.

TUESDAY, Sep 22, 2020 05:08am
Prayer Request: Dear Jesus I pray for powerful divine magnificent supernatural instant miraculous healing and miracles from the crown of my head to the sole of my feet. In Jesus's almighty name Amen. Praise the Wonderful God.

MONDAY, Sep 21, 2020 09:22pm
Prayer Request: Prayer for Mitchel - 58- In hospital blood clots and mersa On ventilator Dr. Told family chance survive 30. Has wife children Also needs Salvation along with a MIRACLE HEALING from the Lord.

MONDAY, Sep 21, 2020 7:41pm
Prayer Request: Join me in prayer for dear friends, Keith and Wanda, who have been diagnosed with COVID. "Lord, we lift them up and believe your word for healing in their life, in Jesus name!"

MONDAY, Sep 21, 2020 10:32am
Prayer Request: My Granddaughter that is 14 has some type of growth in her arm about 2 inches above her elbow. She will be having 2 MRI to try to figure out what it is. Please pray for her and my daughter as they are scared to death what this could be. Please pray for complete healing!

MONDAY, Sep 21, 2020 04:25am
Prayer Request: Pray for God's intervention and miracle with us please that my friends would be delivered from a terribly monstrous situation of despair and pain. May God send His Light and save...... Granting my friends their freedom and another chance to start anew. Their three mates are in this with them and also need mercy. We need Him to move the heart of the judge that my friends and these young men might be spared. That's all we ask for. Thank you.

SUNDAY, Sep 20, 2020 07:04am
Prayer Request: Prayer request for job opportunities and breakthrough... Lord Jesus please help me. God be with me today in finding employment. Lead me to work that I love and that has value. Guide me to a place with an atmosphere of respect and cooperation in a safe and happy environment. Help me to find fulfillment mentally and financially. Please help me the coming weeks when I will apply for 1 specific job opening please help me to get hired and successful in the job application process when this is the right place for me. Please enable me to start working on this possible new job from november or 1-12-2020 onwards and please make this new employer receptive to me and let them accept and welcome me into their company. Thanks for standing in prayer with me and may God bless you all in every area in your life!

SATURDAY, Sep 19, 2020 01:49pm
Prayer Request: Please for God to anoint me with a powerful anointing and to restore me in every way possible. Ask Him to flood me with His Presence joy peace love hope and with all that will make me more like Jesus. Pray the Blood of Jesus would cover me and that Angels would surround me and help me according to God's will. Thank you all so much for praying!

SATURDAY, Sep 19, 2020 12:58pm
Prayer Request: Please pray for my nieceMadi. She is 18 yers old and has gone from being a straight A student to rebellion and is now gone into drugs. Last week shes was arrested in Florida for driving the get-a-way car for two of her boyfriends robbing a gas station. She has no history of breaking any laws. Her parents are not Christians but are calling me for prayers and help through this horrible time. Please pray that God will use this whole ordeal to bring this little family to Christ as their Lord and salvation. Be encouraged Daisy, I prayed for this already, and others are praying with you!

SATURDAY, Sep 19, 2020 07:56am
From: SJ - NZ
Prayer Request: Please pray for my friends that they'd be able to perform to their best ability and beyond tonight!! They have a world concert online. Pray for God's strength power protection favour wisdom and His blessing on the whole event! They've prepared so hard and long for this. May everything go as planned and His presence be with them and the audience. I'm asking for His hand to be with us. Also may He grant success and lead them to glorify His Name. Thank you.

SATURDAY, Sep 19, 2020 03:01am
Prayer Request: Pray stop CH & DH from issuing warning letter andor dock my pay and deprive me of bonus. Protect my job in this workplace. Pray that she approve my transfer to another department or centre. Amen!

THURSDAY, Sep 17, 2020 06:23pm
Prayer Request: Please pray that my son will make good decisions when around and offered drugs.

THURSDAY, Sep 17, 2020 02:13pm
Prayer Request: 74 years old saved and homeless need prayer bad! GOD bless you brother Danny 91720.

THURSDAY, Sep 17, 2020 07:25am
From: MAE - USA
Prayer Request: Thank you God for all blessings please grant Your Mercy to all who are suffering please open up opportunities to bring comfort Your wisdom and meet needs. Please Lord deliver us from evil and order our footsteps in Jesus Name Amen.

THURSDAY, Sep 17, 2020 12:56am
Prayer Request: God I come before you today giving thanks for the many blessings in my life. God I am praying today for many things. I pray for a vaccine or vaccines to defeat this horrible virus. I pray for healing of this country. I pray for peace and unity God this year has been a tough year for us and we have learned many lessons God today I come before you praying for rain in oregon washington and california. I pray for rain dropsdew showers and downpours I pray for mud puddles and overflowing gutters. We need the rain for moisture and for air quality improvement. We need the fires put out and contained. I pray for all these things in Jesus precious name amen.

TUESDAY, Sep 15, 2020 07:26am
Prayer Request: Pray for Louis, who needs God's help and intervention in his life.

SUNDAY, Sep 13, 2020 06:10am
Prayer Request: God would stop the ringing in my ears. Thanks.

SUNDAY, Sep 13, 2020 12:03am
Prayer Request: Pray for God's protection over my reputation and job security at the workplace. Cancel all the enemy's plans to harm me. Restore me to good standing with my new reporting officer. A good start with a supporting work team helpful colleagues and understanding bosses. Amen!

SATURDAY, Sep 12, 2020 10:53am
Prayer Request: Please pray for God to fill me with all I need spiritually including more of Himself. Cancel the enemy's plans for me and pray Gods will be done in my life. Pray safety and protection from every kind of attack harm and evil over me. Thank you so much!

FRIDAY, Sep 11, 2020 07:33pm
Prayer Request: Man behind me to stop shining laser lights infrared cameras and pictures into my home between 11pm-5am nightly. Police 1 block away. Come but have not caught him doing this. Pray to stop and he is caught. Am 82 and alone.

FRIDAY, Sep 11, 2020 04:29pm
Prayer Request: Praying for healing in my body. Thank you for praying!

WEDNESDAY, Sep 9, 2020 09:22pm
Prayer Request: My father Bill has been in the hospital in Richmond Va - he will be coming home tomorrow by ambulance. They are bringing in some pallative care for him here at home..... Nurse says he is very weak and that it doesn't look good but I know God is a healer.... So please pray for healing in his heart lungs kidneys and bladder & for his recovery... Please pray for heart to strengthen and his whole being to be strengthened... I thank you for your prayers and God Bless. Be encouraged, others are praying with you!

TUESDAY, Sep 8, 2020 04:22pm
Prayer Request: For jonI deliverance from Facebook alchohol bitterness selfishness anger for her marriage for her too show love affection communication. For her husband Ashley healing in his body for renewed steadfast spirit.

TUESDAY, Sep 8, 2020 03:42pm
From: DAVE - OC CA
Prayer Request: Please pray for Ray an unbeliever who is undergoing surgery for an aneurysm of the aorta. Pray for a successful surgery and for his salvation. Thanks!

TUESDAY, Sep 8, 2020 06:42am
From: EMM - USA
Prayer Request: Lord please grant all work done caring for people -- successful interventions prepared hearts and nothing is forgotten. Please Lord grant favor with supervisors and all staff and owner and Lord help me perform with poise self-assurance assertiveness empathy and professionalism please apply to our lives Ps141:3Isaiah 54:17 Thank You for Your Word Your Kindness and Compassion please deliver us from evil in Jesus Name Amen.

TUESDAY, Sep 8, 2020 12:55am
Prayer Request: Nephew in Nevada, Johnny, Went into the Hospital last Sunday Night With pains in His Feet and Legs and Could hardly walk, his Potassium Was Low his Electrolites were Low and his Blood Pressure was high, He is Still in the hospital and Cant Walk now The Drs. Dont know What it is. Pray for a miracle of healing and for him to come to know Jesus.

MONDAY, Sep 7, 2020 04:01am
From: SETH - USA
Prayer Request: Praying for a financial miracle praying for healing of tinnitus of the right ear. Lastly I am requesting prayer concerning a special lady I have back in my life after many years someone I have known nearly my whole life. Just recently we have been back in contact. I pray that she has always had feelings for me as I have for her and the once conscious feelings she had for me now buried in her subconscious that God would activate these back into her daily consciousness. God speaks to us metaphysically through answers to prayer events experiences and I ask hope and pray that God would help guide her to the truth that I am a good man and more importantly that I am a good man for her. As a man it is built into my genetic code to protect honor and respect ladies. I will protect her I will keep her safe. I even made a promise to never let anything happen to her. And I don't ever make promises. Thank you for reading my prayer request. Miracles and blessings.

SUNDAY, Sep 6, 2020 11:32am
Prayer Request: I need Global agreement in prayer Urgent prayer request our monthly income just got knocked down 150. 00 we were barely getting by now this will be a hardship on our finances please pray our computer business will flourish with salesPeople dont show up when they make an appointment pray they will not be hindered and the devil can not touch them I plead the blood of Jesus on all hindering spirits trying to hurt our business. Pray all our old customers will return this week. Thank you.

SATURDAY, Sep 5, 2020 09:25am
Prayer Request: Please pray for God's protection deliverance and tangible presence for Dominic who is a recovering addict recently homeless and has been arrested. He is from a Christian home. Pray for his family esp. His Mom that God would strengthen her and give her inner peace and assurance even as he continues to provide for all her needs financialemotional etc.

WEDNESDAY, Sep 2, 2020 12:37pm
Prayer Request: Dearest Heavenly Father God I seek urgently pray desperately for my mom cindy to have miraculous instant healing from head to toe. I pray for my mom to be always safe blessed successful healthy strong smart rich joyous and optimistic. In Jesus's almighty name Amen. Praise God for everything. Thank you God for everything.

TUESDAY, Sep 1, 2020 09:15pm
Prayer Request: Please pray that our custody hearing tomorrow will go good for us and we will get overnight visitation with my youngest daughter.

TUESDAY, Sep 1, 2020 05:11pm
Prayer Request: Linda is having pain in her neck. Please pray it will be taken away by Jesus. Your prayers are always answered. Praise the Lord.

MONDAY, Aug 31, 2020 07:39pm
From: M. - USA
Prayer Request: Please pray that I will receive deliverance from nightmares hearing evil voices at night feeling invisible large snakes wrapping around my body at night and that I will receive healing. Living with relative involved in occult. Please pray they will move and or throw away the occult paraphernalia. Thank you.

MONDAY, Aug 31, 2020 07:20pm
Prayer Request: My husband and I are struggling with vehicle issues. We are both full-time employed but are down to one vehicle that is still acting up. We have old vehicles I am talking 98 honda crv and a 98 gmc sierra. We are not prideful it doesnt matter to us what they look like as long as they run. This past week has been hard the crv is chugging and even though hubby has replaced every part the scan suggests its still chugging. That is our good vehicle at the moment. The gmc needs brakes and rotors which we have but he is having a heck of a time getting the lug nuts off. I am asking for Gods guidance and will on our situation. We are willing to do the work but at the moment we feel very defeated. Please include us in your prayers I know there are many others in much bigger need. Thank you.

MONDAY, Aug 31, 2020 06:49pm
From: B - FL
Prayer Request: Prayer for absolute healing and continued health for Be John Melva Silas and Carole. Let our minds and hearts be open to God's divine work. Thank you God. And so it is. Amen!!

MONDAY, Aug 31, 2020 4:45pm
Prayer Request: SPECIAL PRAYER REQUEST - For Dinnes, a former chuch member and dear friend of ours in Texas, who was just severely injured in a mowing accident. He has been rushed to the emergency room with severe bleeding, and he, along with his wife Barbara, and daughter, Rebecca, are in need of urgent prayer. THANK YOU

FRIDAY, Aug 28, 2020 9:11pm
Prayer Request: From Jenny E in Indiana. "Please pray for my Sister-in -Law, Debbie B who has fallen and needs healing for injuries."

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