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SUNDAY, Apr 21, 2024 07:01pm
From: Jennifer - AL
Prayer Request: I have 2 prayer requests. 1. Please pray that I will get my new debit card soon its been over 1 week already. 2. Please pray that gos will remove t. H. From the toxic relationship that he is in. Thank you.

SUNDAY, Apr 21, 2024 10:09am
From: Steve - Canada
Prayer Request: Dissmissing my anxiety and retur to normal joy of my walk.

SATURDAY, Apr 20, 2024 01:13pm
From: Marie - Ohio
Prayer Request: Do not cast me away at the time of my old age Do not abandon me when my strength fails. Psalms 719 Thank You for Your Word Please grant Your Mercy healing rescue comfort and provision for all PK s needs. She is in nursing home and is suffering many health issues. Please have Mercy on all in this nursing home and all nursing homes in Jesus Name Amen.

SATURDAY, Apr 20, 2024 07:00am
From: Fm - Lc
Prayer Request: Praying for Gods favour that I will be confirmed on my job to enable me to carry on. Amen.

THURSDAY, Apr 18, 2024 12:35pm
From: Gordon - Portland OR --- USA
Prayer Request: Reconciliation with God almighty family finances increase 2 corinthians 51121 with transcendental grace to overcome as in rev. 27 to put first the kingdom and righteousness with acceleration momentum also 1st john 32 to be like Jesus and see Jesus as he is to only live in and speak from the spirit. To enter into ministry with miracles and wonders as in 2nd corinth 1212... To begin now with regenerationrejuvenation from Jesus with deep heart felt conviction and repentance and a job for je. Win resolve legal disputes 4182024.

SATURDAY, Apr 13, 2024 09:38pm
From: Ian - Australia
Prayer Request: Please pray that my brother is convicted of elder abuse for his abuse of our mother over many months and the power of attorney she gave him and two others would be revoked.

FRIDAY, Apr 12, 2024 06:50pm
From: James - Jackson
Prayer Request: Hello I am praying earnestly for God to give me a wife. I have the need for someone in my life.. I am interested in a lady but due to the world we live in today. Do not want to be accused of harrassment etc. However I have some unusual occurrences happen after prayer about it. Including running into her leaving a store that I was going in. Right after I was praying. Her name is deanna. Anyway pray God gives me direct revelation if she is the one and somehow makes it work out. Prays she shows real interest and some friends or someone connect us. Pray for me as I am not good in social interaction. But desire to have a wife and family with all my heart. Pray deanna sees me different and we grow closer somehow... Pray God gives me a spouse soon.. Thank u this is my one heart desire... Pray God grants me this and prospers me...... If she is the one.... Somehow connects us... Pray for me to get married thank u... Soon.. Please pray for the devil and his lies to stop invading my mind. Pray I can hear God obtain revelation and have peace in my life... Thank u...

FRIDAY, Apr 12, 2024 02:03pm
From: Nicholas - KENYA
Prayer Request: Please pray that God will provide the money we need as a family to buy a car that a friend has offered to sell to us on a discount basis. Pastors Nicholas Edith Kenya.

WEDNESDAY, Apr 10, 2024 02:05pm
From: Caroline - COLUMBUS GA
Prayer Request: Please pray that my house will sell soon with a high bid. We want to move to Arizona and I have to sell my house first. Pray that everything will go smoothly so we can pack up and leave. Keep us safe on the way there. Dear Lord surround us with your angels protect us and help us prosper. Amen.

TUESDAY, Apr 9, 2024 06:53am
From: B - Fl
Prayer Request: Prayer for absolute great health and healing for John Be Melva Carole and those close to their hearts. May their minds and bodies be filled with Gods divine light and healing energy. Thank you God. And so it is Amen.

SUNDAY, Apr 7, 2024 12:39pm
From: wally - Lake Orion
Prayer Request: My family members are sick. Dave and Emma with their three kids Ayla Cove and Cosette. They along with my wife Linda and I all have a respiratory illness and diarrhea. Please pray for a quick recovery Thank you.

SUNDAY, Apr 7, 2024 04:32am
From: Kirungi - Gulu city Uganda
Prayer Request: Am KIRUNGI RONALD kindly requesting you to stand with me in my prayers this month I want to start a business but am jobless and no money seen and I want to be financially blessed in all areas of my life for wealth prosperity and abundance to serve God and bless those in need by Gods will I will be glad to include me in your prayers.

SATURDAY, Apr 6, 2024 01:28pm
From: Nicholas - Tampa
Prayer Request: Please help me regain sexual functions and recover from any injuries Im begging you.

FRIDAY, Apr 5, 2024 09:14pm
From: Victor - Singapore
Prayer Request: Pray for my wife XuelI to have speedy recovery from her autoimmune disease which has been plaguing her for almost a year despite the treatment. Pray for wisdom on what the next steps should be and for her to place her trust in Gods plan.

FRIDAY, Apr 5, 2024 02:17pm
From: Nb - Cocoa
Prayer Request: Please pray for Ds medical procedure a correct diagnosis and a cure. Please pray for Ds new job and business. Thank you.

WEDNESDAY, Apr 3, 2024 09:32pm
From: Marti - Granada hills Calif
Prayer Request: Dear Lord we ask for your mercy and that you send us a miracle so that our sister Julia may be immediately healed of her health and so she may once again be with her baby Benny and her mom yesmin and all her other friends and family. In Jesus name please heal her immediately as we all join in prayer for Julia every evening at 8pm. We ask everyone around the world to please join in for Julia. Amen.

WEDNESDAY, Mar 27, 2024 08:51am
From: Rob - Atco
Prayer Request: Please pray for my wifeTeresa. Intercede with me that she will accept Jesus as her personal Savior and Lord. Thank you.

TUESDAY, Mar 26, 2024 10:32pm
From: Debra - Texas usa
Prayer Request: Pls pray for my 40yo dau Aime. She needs to go to rehab to detox off of pain medication. However she needs 1 mo finances for rentelectricitycar payment and other misc provisions.

MONDAY, Mar 25, 2024 04:14am
From: Alicia - Wollongong NSW Australia
Prayer Request: Please pray for me for deliverance and physical healing and financial assistance we urgently Need a place to live.

FRIDAY, Mar 22, 2024 06:44am
From: Mary - GC
Prayer Request: Things are not working out for me in this centre. Pray that I get to transfer to another department. A change in role to do something that matches my skills. Amen.

TUESDAY, Mar 12, 2024 04:54pm
From: Andrea - Budapest
Prayer Request: Please pray for my son Balint Sandor to be healthy. He has nausea for days now and had a small epilepsy . Please pray for him that his brain to be normal and healthy in every way and for the symptoms to go away so he can go back to school. Thank you.

TUESDAY, Mar 5, 2024 07:09pm
From: elaine - RI
Prayer Request: Pls pray for my friends husband Jack he has heart problems and is in the hospital amen.

MONDAY, Mar 4, 2024 07:51pm
From: Caroline - COLUMBUS GA
Prayer Request: Please pray that my house will sell soon to the highest bidder. We want to move to Arizona and I have to see my house first. Pray that everything will go smoothly ro pack up and leave and on the drive there we will keep safe. Dear Lord surround us with your angels and help us prosper. Amen.

MONDAY, Mar 4, 2024 03:23am
From: Fm - S
Prayer Request: I have developed rashes around my nostrils area and its quite itchy at times. Please pray that it gets healed completely and redness gone for good. Amen.

WEDNESDAY, Feb 28, 2024 06:26pm
From: Daniel - Gogw
Prayer Request: I have severe pain in my belly on the left upper side. Let us break every curse behind it and rebuke the devil standing united in prayer sickness we rebuke you in the Name of Jesus illness we command you out in the Mighty Name of Jesus we pray. Thank you Father for you have listened to our prayer amen.

MONDAY, Feb 26, 2024 09:57pm
From: Mary - NY
Prayer Request: Pls. Pray for my medical tests to come out good tomorrow and March 4th. Also pls. Pray for many loved ones also desperate for healing too. TY and God bless Mary.

FRIDAY, Feb 23, 2024 06:46pm
From: Donna - Lancaster California
Prayer Request: Cain Ayame and Wesley Fleming have been experiencing nightmares at night. Their parents Kaitlyn and LevI are new Christians. Please pray for this family.

FRIDAY, Feb 23, 2024 04:48am
From: Sandy - USA
Prayer Request: Please pray for Makayla H. And her unborn baby girl. She was diagnosed with Intrahepatic cholestasis. Please pray that the baby will not be stillborn and for good health for the Mother Thank you and God Bless.

THURSDAY, Feb 22, 2024 08:53am
From: Jennifer - Texas
Prayer Request: The Lord says in Thessalonians 33But the Lord is faithful He will strengthen you protect you from the evil one. Please be in agreement w me that he will protect my beloved Gene from all evil influences at his workplace that is filled with constant strife retaliation hostility gossip jealousy perversion.

WEDNESDAY, Feb 21, 2024 05:53pm
From: Annalena - Skellefte
Prayer Request: I am not self righteous but for a year I have done all what the Lord had placed me to do but I see no fruit nothing to harvest I have been struggling daily I probably dont deserve it but I need mercy I want to harvest good fruit. God knows but I see nothing ahead of me. I wish he took me home instead.

TUESDAY, Feb 20, 2024 11:39am
From: Victor - Bronx New York
Prayer Request: Please pray for my brother George. He has been out of work for over a year and is worried about finding a job. He is a programmer and the technology sector has been hit hard by the recession. He is also worried about finding work because of his age hes 59. Please pray for him to find a job. Thank you.

THURSDAY, Feb 15, 2024 03:01pm
From: Rita - Tx
Prayer Request: Please pray for the restoration of my marriage. That my husband Rick and I would be set free from the things that hinder our marriage. Please pray that God would renew his mind and heart and open his eyes to see Gods love and truth. Please pray for the salvation of my son Steven. Thank you.

WEDNESDAY, Feb 14, 2024 02:11pm
From: Jenny - California
Prayer Request: Ron is in need of salvation. He has pushed everyone away because he hates himself and doesnt think hes worthy. He has expressed openness to learning about God but just as we were getting close he pushed me away too. The enemy must love the rift between us because now Ron is cut off from hearing about God. He has no other close relationships he says and lives his life working all the time without any emotional connections. With your agreement I pray to our Lord thanking Him for loving Ron and ask that the Lord bring Ron to his knees. May Ron cry his heart out for the Lord and be answered profoundly in a way that sticks. May he also seek me out once more so the Lord may use me to minister to Ron as it is my hearts desire and I believe it will not only bring Ron closer to Him but me closer to Him also. Thanks be to our wise and allknowing Lord. In Christ Amen.

WEDNESDAY, Jan 31, 2024 08:35pm
From: Rory - USA
Prayer Request: This prayer request is for a fellow contact of mine who just told me that without telling me what exactly is wrong with her she is unwell and was told at the end of december that she had 4 to 6 weeks left to live 8 tops. I pray that she will live be fully healed and receive full recovery that despite doctors having no hope saying a person will not live or be cured our almighty creator ultimate determines that and can allow a person to live be delivered from death and be healed. There may be a cure or treatment available creator knows or if not that a miracle will take place in her body we ask for a miracle. Above all else in the event that she is not on the right path though she may think and declare otherwise I pray that she be saved.

WEDNESDAY, Jan 31, 2024 07:40pm
From: Eddie - HarmonyFL
Prayer Request: I have applied for a chemist position in toho water company and every week they keep on saying that they are waiting or going through audit or something else. But the job is still open and they have not hired a person. I definitely need a job since I have been unemployed for over 3 years. I have tried everything or other field and is not even related to my field but somehow I can not get in I get told in email either im over qualified under qualified or do not meet their requirements.

TUESDAY, Jan 30, 2024 07:28am
From: Bonnie - North Carolina
Prayer Request: Pray healing for nodules in my neck to be completely healed and restored. Pray for thyroid and arthritis in neck hands and knees. In The Name Of Jesus.

MONDAY, Jan 29, 2024 12:33am
From: Ginger - Oregon
Prayer Request: For my career as an author. That Id be prolific and successful to be able to help myself and others. Safety from the evil one concerning that please. Thanks.

SUNDAY, Jan 28, 2024 08:31am
From: Mike - fl
Prayer Request: Gods will for Elenita and me. Gods will if I should go to Philippineshe would put up an impassible obstacle if this is not His will. Wisdom for test for license in the near future.

SUNDAY, Jan 21, 2024 03:46pm
From: charles - Huntsville alabamea
Prayer Request: Can you pray that I will move soon into a nice place at less rent then I am paying now and that I will find and get the place soon and that God will send me love aka a wife and replace what was stolen and what I have lost and that I will not lose my ssI and that I will get back my housing program that I lost because of the lie of some less lie.

MONDAY, Jan 15, 2024 04:53pm
From: Sw - Kl
Prayer Request: My tenant has been defaulting on monthly rental and utilities. Please pray that they will honour tenancy agreement to settle all rental and utilities promptly. I do not wish to resort to legal action.

FRIDAY, Jan 5, 2024 03:19am
From: Elmer - Pretoria South Africa
Prayer Request: The Lord has called me to produce a Digital Training Course for churches ministries and individuals to help reach the unreached world with the Gospel. Please pray with me that the Lord will connect me with partners resources and financial support to fulfill this calling.

WEDNESDAY, Dec 20, 2023 09:14am
From: AMY - USA
Prayer Request: 14yearold rebellious teen in court today. He will no longer being placed in a negative situation with unhealthy grandma. Staying with Christian foster family promising to follow a contract outlining good behaviors. Please continue to heal all hearts concerned in this family. Sister continues to pull brother into addictive behaviors providing THC gummies etc. Please let 14yearolds Christian counseling sessions guided by You Lord let there be mercy wisdom every fruit of Spirit at work. Please let this young man live with clarity reject former behaviors pursues his relationship with You Lord Praising You for Your Power to change lives in Jesus Name Amen.

THURSDAY, Dec 14, 2023 03:04pm
Prayer Request: I have a healing Prayer Request for my best friend Sandrine she lives in London Uk and recently have been discovered a nodule in her neck due to thyroids problems Please intercede for the total healing of the nodule and thyroids problems of my Dear Friend and if it is possible that she knows that the healing has been provided by her loving father as an atheist it will bring her to God please make known to her that God is her Healer and Loving Father. Thank you very much And may God Bless you all.

THURSDAY, Dec 7, 2023 03:01am
Prayer Request: Ch has no justice from a corrupt judge in family court. Child custody case. Chs little 4 yr old child bh is being sexually abused by the bio dad. Social worker says ch lying but child disclosed to ch and doctor says child needs treatment due to sexually acting out behaviors. Court judge not believe ch or doctor. Please pray child discloses to teacher or adult. Please pray bio dad be caught. Please pray child not have to go to bio dads house. Tx.

SUNDAY, Nov 26, 2023 11:42pm
Prayer Request: I greet you in the powerful name in heaven and earth Christ Jesus the King. I ask for prayer that will give my daughter Asia knowledge and wisdom of the material she is studying to pass her state exam on 11272023 in Jesus Christ name Amen. Thank you.

WEDNESDAY, Nov 15, 2023 12:01am
From: K - USA
Prayer Request: 4 physical healing autoimmune disease where Dr cannot prescribe meds because it makes other medical conditions worse. Symptoms getting worse.. Diagnosed as child no cure no meds need to work physical job. I have infections. Pls pray God will take away my attachment to foods objects. Pray favor with supervisor to get remaining 2023 vacation pay even though I made mistake. Need supernatural favor...

WEDNESDAY, Nov 1, 2023 06:16am
From: B - FL
Prayer Request: Prayer for Be Ask for Gods divine and absolute protection and prosperity for her at her job. May God fill her mind and body with inspiration patience and success. Thank you God And so it is Amen.

SATURDAY, Oct 28, 2023 08:13pm
Prayer Request: Please pray for my son Abe he is unemployed for the first time and needs a new job and a financial blessing. In Jesus name. Amen.

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